ING-COMP.COM at the largest meeting of the Oil&Gas

ING-COMP.COM participated in the meeting of the summit of hydrocarbons in the patagonia Argentine, specifically in the city of neuquén. The meeting, which is namely called «days of the production, transport and treatment of gas, organized by the argentine institute of oil and gas», calls every 2 years to the suppliers and most important production companies of the south latin american cone. more of 15 exhibitors and 7,000 visitors estimated by the organization, an appointment was given at this meeting where this industry meets, regarding the evolutions of the market, the launch of new technologies in views of the new scenarios and challenges for the item from the patagonia argentina.

In this world-wide event participated latin american, north american, european and chinese services and technology companies, in addition to the operators axion / exxonmobil / pampa energia / pan america energy / tec petrol / techim / plus petrol / ypf / total austral / tgs / tgn), epc, and the manufacturers of different regions of this country.

For participating in these workshops allows you to consolidate your leadership with your international brands represented in automation, control, it and electrical materials, sharing with the protagonists of gas & petroleum exploitation, reinforcing contacts and our ability to deliver supplies throughout that area. the appointment was marked by our interaction with leading companies and clients like ypf, axion, plus petrol, transportation gas del sur, north gas transportation and manufacturers of storage tanks, transportation, construction of compression systems and treatment of gas, boilers and executors of different works of engineering. in patagonia was represented for the engineer Sandra González, has told us that «ing-comp, is able to provide solutions for the automated systems in engineering projects in patagonia through our north american brands like l & j technologies (and its lines), franklin valve, jumo of germany, and our factory of temperature sensors argentina, sensotec «. all that with the quick and effective logistics capacity that characterizes the companies of the omega group.



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