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ING-COMP.COM signs alliance with EDISON ENERGY INC in USA

ING-COMP.COM, a company of the Omega International Group, in its constant objective of being competitive in the strong international market, is pleased to announce the completion of negotiations carried out during the year 2017, between Omega Group President and President of the USA, EDISON ENERGY INC. Supply company for the electric sector in the industry, with operational base in USA – Miami and headquarters in Peru – Lima. These negotiations culminate with the signing of a strategic alliance between the companies, effective from February 01, 2018.

Both companies have offices in USA – Miami and work supplying solutions for the American market having in common that the commercial proposals are based on a solid technical concept of the variables that are offered.

The signing of this agreement complements and optimizes the management of each of the companies, in this way:

ING-COMP.COM, will have a technical team to support the commercial management of the products that cover the electrical variable in the industry, in turn EDISON ENERGY INC. Will have technical support for support in commercial management of the variables of instrumentation, level, temperature, pressure, flow.
The union of this work will be consolidating the offices in Miami and Lima, taking the operational activity of ING-COMP.COM, to the current offices of EDISON ENERGY INC. In both countries, operating operational and administrative work.

More human and physical resources allow this alliance to have the competitive advantages for the Latin American market in which ING-COMP.COM is inserted.

The combination of resources and geographical areas allows us to expand, in a diversified way, opening spaces for new businesses, more suppliers with new products and services for customers.

It should be mentioned that Grupo Omega is present with its companies in Chile, Peru, Uruguay, Argentina, Venezuela and the United States.

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