Miami, located on the shores of the Caribbean, in the 1920s gained the support of “Magic City”, for the beauty of its coast, the temperate climate and in those years attracting tourists from all over the United States.

Today, the city is the business capital for Latin America, so Ing-Comp.com is an important company of Grupo Omega, dedicated to the marketing of high quality products and services to the Latin American market since 1995.

ING-COMP.COM is a key player for all logistics operations in Latin America and the Caribbean for the distribution of exclusive representation products. The company has its own system of warehousing, purchase and distribution of all types of solutions for the companies of Grupo Omega and all our clients throughout our countries in operation.

-Instrumentation and control



ING-COMP.COM is characterized by helping clients with their needs and requirements in the Industrial, Services and Information Technology area at an international level.


Contact: sales@ing-comp.com

Main Office & Warehouse in U.S.A

8300 NW 53 Street, Ste. 350, Doral, FL 33166, USA

Phone: (786) 675-5878  Fax: (786) 6755879